What is the darkest graphite pencil?

The darkest graphite pencil in the “blackest” category is “Washable Graphite” by Pencil Sharpened by T.L. Giebler. It has a lead of 1 micron (about 0.004 micron).

I’m not a pen expert, but I do know that Pencil Sharpened has this graphite pencil. I asked to see it, but the customer told me that the pencil was not for sale to the general public.

Another pencil called “Bamboo Leaf Pen” is described as “Wish you never knew how it was made.” According to the seller, “the wood has been used to produce over 150 different pencils, including the very popular “Fisherman’s Hand”. In addition to the Fisherman’s Hand pencils, the name “Bamboo Leaf Pencil” carries over from Fishermans’ Hand to the Pencil Sharpened pencils. The wood is made from “Bamboo Leaf” or bamboo in a unique and long line of products, from pencil leads to pencils, to paper and much more.

So I don’t have much of a choice to look it up, except the name of the manufacturer and the pencil itself, “Wood & Pencils”.

But there’s more!

In the “Black Pencils” section that is described as “Dirty Black”, there’s a section that mentions a “Black Ink Pen”. If you look at this pencil the ink looks very black, like it could be on a paper with nothing on it but a dark piece of paper hanging from the back of it.

The pencil is marked with a small black mark which is a clear indication of how the ink is handled. A very light pressure on this small mark will cause a darker blue or black ink to be drawn on the paper.

So, there you go, you have five different pencils and there are hundreds of different combinations to choose from.

Just be sure not to be too picky with this type of pencil as the market has gone way to dark over the past few years.

If you want to know how to get the lightest graphite pencil, you can look at our pencils and graphite section which goes over different kinds of graphite pencils.

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