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The darkest graphite pencil is known as Nylon graphite. As the name suggests, pencil lead is made from the stuff. The lead is highly reactive and, hence, graphite is highly reactive. Graphite reacts with the moisture in air and water to form graphite oxides, which have a brown pigment and are not as solid as graphite, but are very difficult to see because they are too thick.

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How can I buy a dark pencil for my art needs?

The hardest part of a black art pencil is deciding on what type of pencil to buy. You have to consider the type of paint you will be using and where you are likely to be creating your work. For most work, you need a black pencil or metal pencil at the very least.

For color work, it is a good idea to get a gel liner. Graphite pencils contain only carbon and graphite and are non-reactive, which means they do not react to any color. Also, the graphite acts as a kind of filler. When you are working out on a black canvas, you want to use a gel liner for the first few strokes because it adds a touch of richness to your stroke, not that it fills in the space nicely like pencils. But, for black art, if you want the best result, you need to get a high-quality black pencil and metal pencil.

Also, if you have used a pen, you are going to want to use a fountain pen in the same colors. The graphite absorbs and oxidizes a lot, so ink pens take a little longer to dry that the other pencils or paints. When you need a black, it should be black, that’s all that matters.

As with all paints, your own experience will make the difference. You need to experiment with different brands and colors to find something that fits your needs.

How do I clean graphite pencils?

Most people like to use a wet brush. You can use a wet rag or paper towel as well. Just be sure not to use too much water!

The best way is to soak graphite pencil for 2-3 minutes, then rinse them. They need to be dried off, and the ink should be dried very well. They cannot be made any better. Also, use a little soap, water or bleach to rinse off any excess ink.

Can I use a Graphite pencil wet?

Absolutely! Just let

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