What is the best pencil for drawing? – Pencil Drawings Of Birds Of Prey

Is there any type of pen that works best for drawing?

I think the best pencil for drawing is one that is durable and non-flammable. Other than that, I would say some of the more lightweight pencils will be better.

Are pencils meant to be sharp or are they just the pencil tool of a kid? I mean those big, heavy balls of plastic? Are they meant to be sharp or is it something else?

For those of us who are learning to draw, we have to be very careful about sharpening our pencils. The best pencil to use is one that has a thin blade on the end. Any smaller and it will cut you. So, I would avoid anything that has the thin blade; like pointy pencils.

Do you think you will be using a pen for a long time? I mean is it going to be a permanent pen or are you hoping to switch to something else?

For certain things like drawing portraits of people I definitely won’t be using a pen. I have a lot of pencils. I have a huge supply of all the different colors and a bunch of different pencils in different sizes. Once I move down to a lower grade (like a regular grade pencil), I will have a few pens. I hope to eventually use a fountain pen, but that’s a lot of money for one pencil, so I am looking at other options for now.

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