What is the best pencil for drawing? – Pencil Drawing Set For Beginners

This depends on what you’re trying to do. A lot of people, when they’re starting out, they’ll draw with watercolor; but this takes a while and it takes some practice to get right. It’s better to experiment with different shapes and sizes, experimenting with different color, different technique, until you can make it look right, the way you want it to look. Another way to draw is with a brush. As you start learning, it’s pretty easy to take your brush and start drawing.
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What pencil should I use for my sketchbook, I want to draw, and what color?

In general, I think a very thin watercolor pencil will do well for your sketchbook, but you’re still going to want to look at what works for you. You have to learn how to mix different colors, because it may take some learning. What I think makes the best overall pencil for drawing is the medium you’re working with. If you’re drawing on a glossy paper, or on paper coated with a fine art pencil, it’s going to draw a bit more realistically, and also give you a more saturated color. If you’re drawing on a matte paper, it’s going to look much more realistic.

What are your favorite pencils, and favorite brushes?

I think, for every individual type of drawing I’m interested in, watercolor is probably the best. I use it almost every day, and my favorite brushes for paper sketches are the Waterdrop, and the Sable.

For drawing, what color am I most familiar with, and what is it I’m not familiar with?

The biggest misconception about drawing is that it’s all in the first layer at the bottom. It’s not. That’s the first layer of your drawing, it’s not that important. When you look at your drawing, you have to remember you’re not starting from an empty canvas. If you start from nothing, you won’t see anything, and you won’t know what to draw. The first layer is the one you see the best; and that’s what you want. It’s your blank canvas. It’s easier for you to just start over.

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