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That’s a tough one to choose. There are a lot of pencils, but for me, I have a few in my collection (two red lead pencils and a small green lead) which do good work on the paper I am using. A medium gray pencil can be very useful if I need a very small amount of detail or color. For some, the pencils I like the most are the lead-free pencils. These can be really helpful and they will last a long time.

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What is the best color pencil? The best colors you can choose to work are those your eyes will see the best, but if you have to choose two to work with, I prefer lead-free white, medium gray, and black.

Why do I buy different pens? I have many different kinds of pens depending on what I am doing. In my case, most of my work is done on the screen and my screen screen is on the paper on which I have done most of my work. I find the color or texture that works best for the character/subject you are working on.

How do I get the pens my client wants? The most important part of working with clients/employers is getting the pens they are looking for. Before making the purchase, get to know them and what type of pens they use.

Where can I get the pens that I want? Most of my commissions come in small pieces in pieces for small clients.

I just finished a character with two colors on the same page but the page should have no lines, or there should be no gaps. How will lines or gaps look? You can make the lines or gaps as small as you want and the character should look clean and neat.

I just want a single color line, but no space for one or more colors. How will you do this? To make these sorts of lines, use a black sharpie to draw the line and then use a small white marker to put the other color line.

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