What is the best pencil for drawing? – Color Pencil Drawing Flowers For Beginners

There’s no single best pencil for drawing. The pencil (a medium of choice for the artist) has many important characteristics, which in theory can be classified into eight categories:



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Coefficient of Friction

Pencil Stiffness (how stiff it feels when flexing)

Pencil Flex/Roll

A well-used pencil also has the potential to have a positive impact on the artist’s work, as well as its own reputation over time, but this is another reason behind why choosing the right pencil is so important and why I’m always on the look out for something with a good reputation.

I personally use some of the more traditional pencils, like Pilot, Pilot Foil and the Mokusen X1, but I am always eager to try new things and see what’s next.

I also use a selection of cheap, quality pencils like a fine point Fused Softline, which has the best characteristics of both soft and sharpness, and the fine point Pilot Blue Black, which has excellent softness, low density, and a smooth texture. I still use a variety of them today though, so that I can take a new pencil I find on eBay, find a local distributor who specializes in cheap pencils and take the chance to try them out. Even if they are a little out of my comfort zone, and I’m usually not a fan of this or that pencils, I can always use these to train myself in the art of drawing pencils. I’ve never had a difficult experience with anything I’ve tried from some of these sources and I always feel that there are more out there that are useful and even suitable; the same goes for the cheaper ones that I use.

Do you have different tips for buying cheap pencils?

I have some tips to share on this, along with my general thoughts about the subject:

The reason that I started thinking about these tips was because of a conversation I had last August. It started as a discussion about how it is important to purchase high quality pencils when dealing with the cheaper ones you find online, which really shocked me. I had previously recommended one of my sources that specializes mainly in cheap pencils (which I’ll talk about below) as a good starting point. While I’m happy with them, I’ve come to think that maybe they aren’t the best starting point. It got me thinking

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