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Live sketching is an art form in which a person is seen and heard performing a live scene in front of audience members. Unlike professional performance, where cameras capture every move, live sketching can be filmed without footage ever being turned off.

Live sketchming is the easiest form of entertainment and also allows for the highest level of participation.

How is live sketching different to other forms of art entertainment where the audience is “silent”?

While live sketches often feature audience participation, live sketching requires a person to act to a stage or to another person watching from a distance. This eliminates the “silent audience”, and allows for audiences to participate with the artists involved.

Sketch shows are performed as live performances, so the audience knows their role (e.g. they are a spectator) and the artist.

How is live sketching different to comedy shows, where the audience is part of the act?

Live sketch shows tend to have a live comedian performing. This means that a live crowd is part of the show and gives the audience the opportunity to feel like part of the performance as well.

How can someone get involved with live sketching?
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People who want to come to a live sketch show are welcome to attend, so long as you bring a good story for your audience. The best is to provide a “dramatic” sketch, using your creativity and flair to capture the audience. You can either use a live actor, or try your hand at editing a story and getting it to line up with a sketch.

Live sketching artists are not paid – what is live sketching all about?

For those who are interested in becoming a live sketch comedian, they need not be a professional. Many people enjoy taking a live stand in to perform, and they learn a lot about themselves and their craft while doing so. It’s a great way to expand your art knowledge and learn about acting and acting roles.

So, what is the difference between a professional and a self-taught live sketch comedian?

Live sketch shows usually involve lots and lots of preparation as performers, lighting, and set design, but often can still be a fun and rewarding experience for your audience too.

Live sketch comedy is about making sure that your audience is a part of it all, including the set and your performance. We encourage you to go the extra mile with a great story, and if you’re working with a professional sketch

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