What is live sketching? – Free Charcoal Drawing Lessons

Live sketching is a way of drawing live, or video, on your computer. It can’t come close to the immediacy of film or TV. A video is usually about thirty second clips, about the length of a commercial broadcast. It’s easy to see and manipulate, so you’re not watching a moving image all the time.

It’s a way of creating something new and different to show a person who’s not in the room, or an audience the way that television shows.

Live sketching is different from the work of drawing or painting live at a table. Instead of writing lines on my computer as a graphic artist, I sketch a picture from scratch, using a camera as the camera. I have someone in the room with me to edit it with me. The editing is done at a later stage, so the picture can be re-edited any time.

There are other ways in which a video image can become a live sketch, like with a slow-motion animation. You can have someone take a picture on your computer, and then play it as a live-action film.

Can I work live on a computer?

There’s something very special about having an audience live. You may think that it would be weird or a waste of time to watch someone create on live video. But as a practical matter it is very hard to have a live audience. I’m always watching TV. I’ve had about half a dozen people watching me while I’m drawing. When they start laughing, it’s very sad.

I could see you getting the same reactions that you experienced in the studio.

It’s just much more fun and it’s more human.

Are there any rules?

It depends what you’re playing. We use a camera that has a zoom, and if anything wrong happens, I have someone in the studio to change it. But otherwise, you’re totally responsible for the results.

We’ll ask you to think of a picture that you like when the tape gets to the point where you need to draw it. It could be simple or something complex, or you could pick a picture you like and just put it in the tape.
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Are the results always like that?

You’ll get something different. What we do is live. We don’t set up a scene on the screen. We’ll have a camera with a zoom, and we’ll show it moving around in the image of the studio. Then you

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