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Well if you’re a professional sketch comedian or a comedian or a skater, you’re probably well aware that the world is full of live standup comedians. But how are they made? Have you ever stopped to ask how all of their jokes actually went down? When the sketch is all said and done, does he know what’s going on?

Well, when it comes to skaters, that’s just like any other artist. Just because someone might have skated one time, doesn’t mean that his or her work can only be sketch. You want to be a writer? Just because you skate one time does not mean you can’t still make good writing.

There are a handful of sketch artists in the world today who stand out, but there are a lot more who have been around for a long time than there are these days. So what are those guys doing when they skate?

They’re doing exactly what they would’ve done back when they were writing. It’s a weird dichotomy. They’re not being able to write or sketch, but they’re also not being able to do both at the same time.

Solo skaters are able to be part of groups, or go up and talk to people. Some skaters do both. I’m on an even more insane schedule this year to do a month in a row skating with a couple other skaters and it’s like one of those things where you don’t realize you’re doing it until you’re there. You feel like you have no choice.

I don’t need to tell you that that happens every winter and the next after that, because if you’ve ever been to a small skater meet, chances are you can relate. Most of them are on their own and have their individual set ups, which varies from month to month, but on the whole they’re just themselves and they’re just skating.

The best part about it all is that they have time to really build a name for themselves and not get crushed by the competition. We all know that skaters are not necessarily very competitive or the best in the world at everything we do.

However, that doesn’t mean that skaters can’t be pretty competitive. You know, with skateboarding, you might think you’re the best you will ever be but on the other hand, you can’t be perfect at everything. You can’t be everything to everyone or even every skater. Sometimes you can come really close.

But that

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