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Graphite is made up of carbon and nitrogen particles. Many scientists believe that carbon is the important constituent of graphite and that its main purpose is to carry the electrical charge across the surface of the pencil after it is made. They believe that carbon particles are made in large quantities and that the amount that can be held by a pencil depends upon size, material properties, and the thickness of the sheets of graphite. The thickness of the sheets of graphite can be about one-half inch or more, so that even if the pencil size is one inch, the sheets of graphite can’t be as thick as the pencil. The thickness of the sheets of glass can be about 3/4 inch or more, and the thickness of the sheets of copper can be about 10/16 inch or more.

A graphite pencil is made up of two different materials with different properties. This graphite pencil could be made in several ways. One way is if the sheet of graphite is cut into small pieces and then polished and shaped into a pencil and then put into a mold. If the graphite was not cut into small pieces it would be called “hard” graphite. This type of graphite pencil will be softer than “normal” graphite pencils. There is a great deal of debate over whether this type of graphite pencil was an accurate representation of real graphite, at least for small, fine, thin pieces of graphite. On the other hand, if the graphite was made in a mold and the pieces of graphite were polished and shaped they might be classified as “soft” graphite. In both cases, there was not much difference in the graphite properties; the result is an imperfect “picture” of real graphite.

Some people think that the hardness of graphite is primarily due to the presence of carbon and nitrogen. Carbon and nitrogen also contribute to its flexibility, but carbon tends to decrease the size of the particles of carbon that make up the graphite and nitrogen can contribute to its hardness. But these contributions are not sufficient to make carbon an essential constituent in graphite. For the time being the carbon that makes up graphite is mostly made up of iron.

How big is the pencil?

This graphite pencil has a diameter of about 7 1/4 inches, or about 5 1/3 inches. You can find a larger or smaller pencil with much of a difference. The sizes shown have been provided as rough estimates for illustration purposes. Also, many

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