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Free is an expression of the free thinker, when you are able to create something, use your power and imagination to create something new. No restrictions. No price tag. You don’t get to charge to create something.

If everyone paid $70/month and had 50 minutes a day for drawing, it would seem like a great deal.

But if you look at things from the perspective of the artists themselves as well as those who have been successful, you will see that only a few people were able to make $200 a month making artwork.

The reason is that most artists have very little artistic talent at a cost of $700 a month.

Artists are very different from business people.

When companies invest into people who can produce art they are investing in an art teacher.

In business they want their employees to make $200 a month or more. Most times they would say that a $50k or $100k salary is the maximum salary they want their employees to make. Artists only get that much money if they are creative. If they are not creative enough, they will be fired. Even if they are smart enough they will not be able to compete in the market.

So why should anyone pay to create art with no royalties? They should pay a $700 a month and get a lot more than that – a lot more than people can get with $500. That’s free.

Artistic talent is also very small and the more people who want to make money from their artwork will produce it. The more that are able to make money from it the more that will make money. That works for most artists.

Artists who make their money by drawing can also survive on commissions for art.

How do free drawings have value?

The value of free drawings is not that great.

If you are making money from selling items, you are selling a commodity on the street or even at a garage sale. So the value is dependent on the price.

For every $1 sold you get 2 cents of cash and $2.50 of the item.

So if you get a drawing done for $1 you are getting more than you are making.

Free drawings are much less valuable.

Most art is not worth the price of the drawing. If it were worth more of the price you would want to sell it. Because you already have the drawing.
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