What is F pencil used for? – Easy Colored Pencil Drawings

F pencils are used to draw an outline of something on a sheet of paper by tracing one specific drawing on another. This is very useful for drawing or writing your name on an invitation, a letter to the editor or anything else you do occasionally. The pencil comes in several different sizes and in different colors like the grey F in the pic above. What we have in this tutorial is a white pencil.

The main point of this tutorial is that the pencil is the most important tool to understand in order to draw on the page!

Before getting into the details of how to use the pencil effectively, let’s have an understanding of what a Pencil represents if we try to draw something on a page.

The first thing to understand is that in life, a pencil is used for drawing. This is because a pencil is a stylized stick-figure made of plastic and there are two types of pencils out there. The most common one is paper pencil and the other type is a pencil taken on the drawing board and then used on paper. However, there are also pencils made out of metal which are also used to draw.

The pencils that come out of a pencil box are typically different from each other in color, size and thickness and these can vary on what they represent in drawing. We are going to take a look at one of the most common.

Blue F Pencil

The reason a pencil is called a F is because it is the primary color of paper, which you can actually see in this picture. This is an ideal color to use for drawing with because it blends all the different colors perfectly so you can draw a great looking illustration that uses all the colors in its colors but it doesn’t make it look super white or black like in the picture above.

This is the most standard, thin and black pencil. It comes in many colors and we will see other colors later on in this tutorial but the one I use to draw most of my work is blue. I usually go for a smaller ballpoint pen of the same size, since larger pens will get dirty and dry out quickly. If you don’t have a larger blue pencil, you can use your smallest ballpoint pen since it will always be in your hand to use it. Also keep in mind that paper is water based and ink is usually solid or will have some ink in it as a liquid. That means a regular pencil will be watery and won’t show up well with the illustration. I

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