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For most of us artists, it’s more like a practice of seeing patterns in a multitude of objects. In the case of drawing, the basic elements are the same. You just take whatever you see there and write a sketch on it. But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

For instance, if I’m designing a drawing for a client, the first job is to see all the pieces of the environment I have to work with. You must know its shapes and position. Some simple things can bring more detail to your sketches. In the case of my sketch for a client’s office, I knew precisely how the doors of the building work. It turned out to be an important step in the development of the drawing.

How do they influence each other?

If you start sketching the correct shapes for those doors, and you’re drawing them accurately, they will be useful to you in real life. The same goes for the other objects or situations that will be drawn on the sketch you give.

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In the case of a client’s house design, you might think about the shapes and sizes of the different rooms as you sketch. If you’re drawing the right things, it becomes natural and your sketch for that area will be more realistic than that of the client for example.

So that is it? Isn’t sketching like looking at a drawing to begin?

Yes, exactly. You can say that sketching itself is looking at that drawing. It makes the artist aware of how things look, and the artist will recognize it if they see it. As a consequence, you can learn more about the environment you’re working with.

I know some of your clients are big fans of drawing.

Most certainly! That’s fine and even necessary. That means more time for you, and they’re more happy with the results! We don’t need a strict rule.

Are there any sketching tips to get the most out of your sessions?

The key to drawing better is to remember that drawing has become a habit. You have to know how drawing makes you feel. And you want to continue doing that. Do not stop, you just have to find a way to do and develop the habit.

The biggest mistake people make is to go away from it at the end. They should not get bored! And if they get bored, they should find something else to do. The more hours they sit and spend in this habit of drawing and analyzing

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