What is difference between drawing and sketching?

With either technique, the artist can get more expressive with each iteration. Drawings, though, are more static and more confined with the artist restricted to a fixed line from one starting point to another which may be more difficult to manipulate. Sketching however gives the artist a wide freedom and allows the artist a chance to move forward with more free-form exploration.

How should I use the pen on my drawings or sketches?

Since drawing is static, no pen strokes will be seen with your own eyes. There is an advantage to using a fountain pen to draw since it gives you more room to move and is not so restricted.

My drawings seem too dark or too light compared to my surroundings. What is going on?
How to draw a girl step by step / Pencil Sketch drawing - YouTube ...

There is different lighting inside your workspace in front of the printer. If your pencils or brush are light (the most common form of lighting in a computer) you may find that your drawings look darker and therefore not vibrant enough. Try to use softer colors to compensate for any lighting issues.

How can I get more of a realistic look for my sketches or drawings?

The best way to achieve a realistic or “realistic” look is to experiment on a large scale. For example, start a sketch on a piece of paper or draw a large line across your drawing. Keep adding more small lines, one after another or more details until your drawing comes out looking like one of those movie posters of the period.

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