What is basic sketching? – Pencil Sketch Drawing Alone Girl

The basic sketch is simply the drawing you’ll get when you put your pen on a rough sketch. The most common form of sketching is called color sketching. The purpose of color sketching is to draw a color by using a white or a medium gray marker.

The more advanced type of sketching would be called ink to metal technique. In this form of drawing, you would trace a design across a metal object, which is then cut and etched using different shapes and textures.

What is color?

Color is the color of your paper. It can be found on any type of paper that contains the pigment that gives a color (a pencil, a pen, etc). Your design will never be entirely black or white. All your design will look different.

What is white?

This is the color that comes from your pen, and is completely in one color

What is transparent?

A transparent paper is paper that allows the ink to be visible. All your designs will look different when colored.

A note about color and ink

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