What is basic sketching? – Pencil Drawings Easy Step By Step

Simple sketching is just how you draw stuff. For some, it’s a completely different process, so I won’t cover how this works. I’ll just give a simple demonstration of what you should expect to do with some basic

Draw simple shape shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and anything in between.

Make some random shapes: Stars, planets, planets with other planets, clouds, etc.

Do some shading stuff: A small star, some light, color and texture.

Add more complexity: More shapes with different light and shade, a planet with a light inside, a galaxy of stars, and so forth.

Create some light/shadow effects and color them appropriately.

Let’s get started. I’m going to show you two drawings I made:

The bottom drawing is pretty good: you can see a few shapes but there’s nothing particularly remarkable to see on it.

The top drawing is a little bit more advanced. You’ll see elements in 3D space. All of them are drawn differently with a different color. The star is drawn a different way: it has some subtle shading without shading itself. The planet is also a little bit different than the bottom one but there’s also a lot of shadow. The bottom drawing could be more complicated, but I think it’s still basic enough for me to cover.

For now I just want you to be able to draw basic shapes, but you can take more advanced features like the stars and the planet.

How to Create Basic Schematics

You don’t have to draw a bunch of basic shapes with a lot of detail. For simple shapes like those above, and some other ones like the sun or planet, it’s enough to draw a couple of shapes in 3D space. You can use this for things like building something, but I’ll describe what you should expect to do next.

Create a couple of simple shapes — you can choose 3 or 4 — in 3D space. There will be a bunch of these shapes, so you need to create as many as you can before you need to make a 3D shape. This is one of the basics you want to learn.

Face Drawing 6
Use 3D shapes (also called shapes, objects, faces, etc.) to add texture to your drawing. A simple shape like a circle can be very detailed and it can give you a lot of variety with the color and style of your drawing. Don’t try to

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