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This is a quick guide to some of the most useful web page scraping and HTML & CSS HTML and CSS. Read more in my post about the best way to write a web page in python.

What is basic HTML & CSS?

HTML is your site’s website, CSS is its markup, you can think of CSS as your website’s header and so on. The most basic way to create it is from HTML document, I’m going to use Flask.

What is a Flask app?

For now, I’m only going to consider a blog, but later I’m going to be able to see how easy it is to build a simple website. The same principle of learning to code, applies here too, so get used to a functional python library.

What is a Python script?

Let’s start with the standard Python scripting language, I’m going to create a web page in it. A script is a Python expression that uses parameters or code blocks. Python lets you do anything in any order, that’s why you can use it for a very quick page.

You call a Python expression by its file extension. This is usually the _.py file. You must put all the required parameters in the first, and last lines of the file, the parentheses will help you put them all there. That’s why, after every Python script there are parentheses between each parameter and code block. For example I use this script:

url = “http://example.com/”

It will use my url variable, and will call the first _.py file, _.py which is our simple blog page. This works because the code only has one side effect: it runs the _.py file.

So, if you want to get the blog page in your browser, I’ll use this script:

try : from flask import get_file url = “http://example.com/” @get_file ( url ) def __init__ ( self , url ): if isinstance ( url , dict ): self . url = url def _get_url ( self ): self . url = self . url . __name__ + url . basename () if self . url . is_file : return getch ()

The __init__() takes the context, which will be the same with the Flask application, and then the arguments of the code.

Now we need to make our file executable:

chmod +

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