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An F graphite pencil is a special type of pencil used to make fine graphite pencils. The F graphite pencil contains a metal core which is coated with graphite powder and then sealed with steel.

What makes for the perfect F graphite pencil to use?

The best F graphite pencil are made with either high quality, special formula graphite, or graphite with a special formula. Here are 3 ways to find those grades:

Using the USPTO web page about each grade (http://www.uspto.gov/browse/USPTO/Pages/F-graphite-pens). Click on the USPTO F-graphite pen and F-graphite pencil pages for more information.

Using the USPTO’s graphite pencils chart (http://www.uspto.gov/browse/USPTO/Pages/F-graphite-pens-graphite-pens-category-graphite-pens.aspx). Click on that chart on the USPTO web page for more information.

Using the F-graphite-Pencil.com web page (http://www.f-graphite-pencil.com/pencils/F-graphite-Pencil.html). Click here for more information.

What is the difference between an HPF and an HPF-E?

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HPF – High purity graphite

HPF-E – High purity epitheque graphite

What other graphite pencils are there?

It’s very rare to find graphite pencils sold in small quantities. There are several types of these. Many of them are a special type of graphite pencil, called an F graphite pencil, which contains a high concentration of graphite powder, and also has two steel cores. In addition, they have a thin metal skin or outer shell that protects the graphite from scratches.

What is an F-Graphite-Pencil?

Why is all this special high purity stuff called graphite pencil?

All types of graphite pencils are made from pure graphite. The name “F” indicates the purity of the graphite found in the pencil, and it is usually not a mix of pure graphite with graphite from other grades.

How do I find F graphite pencils?

See the USPTO graphite pencils

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