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It’s an old-fashioned writing tool that was first invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The graphite that Alexander Graham Bell worked from turned out to be very useful for writing documents; it is also how we make all other modern graphite pencils.

Graphite pencils were originally made by hand by the hand of the skilled engraver. The tool is a bit like a drill bit; once you attach the tip of the blade to the graphite it becomes a pencil. When used, the tool can draw on graphite on a small scale. It is a bit similar to a pen.

When graphite was first invented, it was a bit like a pencil; if you wanted to draw on it, you’d have to sharpen it a few times to make it readable. It wasn’t until 1855 that Charles Bewick (who made the first commercial graphite pencil) invented the rotary press for manufacturing pencils. The technology would eventually go on to be patented by John T. Brush in 1853.

In modern times, the term graphite has come to mean a solid yellow, black, or dark grey stone. There is no standard meaning because it doesn’t quite mean the same in all cases. The best way to describe graphite is a soft yellow rock; in the same way an egg is a tough pale egg.

The most common use of graphite in writing on paper is to erase a paper mark or for cleaning. Most books also include graphite drawings. If you want to know more about how these tools work please take a look at the links below.

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