What is a graphite pencil? – Pencil Drawing Tutorial For Beginners

The graphite is an alloy of graphite and an alloy of steel. The graphite contains a small number of carbon atoms and thus tends to bond to the steel. When a graphite pencil is used for drawing to paper the graphite bonds to the steel surface, causing a strong, but fairly weak effect on the paper; graphite tends to draw away from the paper instead of forming a smooth surface. This is why most people find graphite pencils difficult to use for writing.

What is a black line? The black line is composed of carbon. Some graphite pencils allow the carbon to be removed, which allows the pencil to be used without drawing, but the pencil remains hardened so that it can not be used to draw. Other pencils make use of the carbon by attaching it to the graphite surface with a resin. These pencils tend to be more durable than graphite; but when a person uses a black line and then the graphite pencil has been removed they usually find the black line harder and harder to draw. If the graphite is hardened, it can be easily removed by placing an ordinary pencil in a glass of water and drawing with it.

What is a soft eraser? The soft eraser is made of a soft, non-abrasive plastic. The soft eraser can be used when the white line is used for drawing on top of the white line. If only the thin white line is used then the eraser will be able to move quickly over a hard black one. There are soft erasers that allow the use of two colors; so for example, when the white line is drawn on top of the black line it can be used as a soft eraser over the solid black line. Soft erasers are also sometimes called hard erasers because they are capable of holding on to the paper.

How many lines can I use with a graphite pencil? It is possible to draw very large, solid surfaces with black on white graphite pencils. Because of the flexibility of graphite, one can also draw surfaces that are much smaller or smaller than a pencil drawing. As a rule of thumb when drawing, use your longest line as a baseline for the length of the drawing. For example, you might draw a 20 foot long straight line, then draw a 5 foot long parallel line across the center of the 20 foot line, then draw another 20 foot long parallel line along half of the 20 foot line and so on.

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