What is a graphite pencil? – Cool Pencil Drawings Ideas Creative Per Sallate

For most of us it seems obvious, but for someone like me… it may just be the strangest thing I ever heard of!

Growth Hacking in a digital environment

In my world, I think of a graphing system as being the core unit of a computer system. So, how can I make an actual graph that my system can work with? The answer is not hard to accomplish. All I need is a simple and effective way to convert my old Excel Spreadsheet into a graphical database. For the uninitiated, I’ll use the Excel File Management.

Elsa Color Pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuS on DeviantArt
Step 1

Create a new sheet, I prefer to name it as spreadsheet A. I’ll refer to it as spreadsheet A:

It’s simply a text document with data as columns. I will use a single row for the title, and as many columns as necessary to represent the data.

Step 2

Add the following code (I’ve copied & pasted some of the below text):


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