What is a 2b pencil for? – Simple Colored Pencil Drawings Blending Board

A pen is a tool that can write, erase, etc. A pencil is just another tool.

How to create a 2b pencil for students?

If you don’t mind a little more effort and don’t have the supplies to buy, get yourself three 2b pencils – two black and one white. The black one will be for students who already have pencils in their school or who are going to need to learn to use them.

How to use a 2b pencil?

When you need to write something small, like a letter or name, simply write it on the black two-b pencil and then use the white one to write the name. Or, if you really need to write very large letters and are having problems, you can erase the paper with your pencils and just write on your white pencil again. And once you are done with that, use the black pencil and the white pencil on your pen to write on your name.

When you need to erase, you can make up a large batch of small erasers and just use the 3b pencil and the white pencil to erase one small area at a time.

What is the use of the Black 2B pencil?

The black pencil is for people who have trouble drawing in groups so they can quickly draw the shapes. If you get frustrated and you need to call your teacher to ask if you can erase, use the black pencil and the white pencil to erase. You can then go and use a 2b pen.

You can also use the 3b pencil and the white tip to erase the white and black areas separately as well. If you want, that is also a good method. The pencil should be dry before you go and you can erase using a 2b pen on your 2b pencil.

How to use a 3b pencil?

You can write on the black to write the letters and then use the white in to write the letters on the white pencil. When you need to write the letter without the letters, you can just write on the white. This works best when you use the black pencil and erase with your 2b pen. The pencil should be dry before you use it.

Can I still use the two Black 2b pencils to create some small drawings (letters) without using a 2b pen?

Yes! However, you will see how it gets messy after a while…

In this method you only need to draw

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