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The word Sketch actually comes from the Greek word Histoi (θήξει, meaning to sketch). “Histoi” derives from the word Historia (θέρη·), meaning a story. So while a Historiographer is a storyteller, a Sketch is a story itself. The Historiographer would show us the story of a village. A Sketch would capture and put into writing the real events of those events. The Historiographer would use drawings to show us his “story”.

What is the meaning of the word History? It was a Greek literary composition of historical events; the history of what happened a few days, weeks or months ago; in short what happened. It is a compendium of events occurring so that no matter how remote these incidents may seem, they can be understood in retrospect.

Historiography (Greek Historiography) was not the history of a single person. As such, it was a study of history of a community or entire country. Historiographers were people who wrote what they saw, heard or tasted. They were people of information, who knew everything and had nothing to hide. They wrote what they saw, heard or tasted, not what was said but what people actually said. By giving us what people actually said, Historiographers were able to gather and present what those who had the power (monarchy, aristocracy, priesthood) had said.

What was a Sketch?

A sketch was a story told with words. Each person had a pen and a paper and drew a sketch which the Historiographer then made readable in their book. To write a sketch was like writing a book. Historiologists wrote what they saw, heard or tasted in their sketch, and wrote what their ancestors had said.

The Historiopath (Greek Historiopath), the “scribe in the desert”, was the person whose job was to be the first to sketch those historical events. Historiopaths were the first to sketch things which had never been done before. They were the first to record the “story behind the story”, the information, the truth behind the “story”. Through their sketch he (historiograph) could make it (history) known.

Historiography (Greek Historiography) was a literary art. Historiography was an intellectual work which was always in progress. They wrote what the Historiographer saw, heard or tasted in his sketch. They did all this

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