What do you call a drawing of a person? – Pencil Drawing Definition

…a portrait, or a caricature?

A portrait is a drawing which is of a person. It is, however, made up of all the parts of the person except the face, without the head and hands.

A caricature is a composition in which every part is exaggerated, in consequence of some defect in the face. The caricature differs greatly from a portrait. If one makes up a caricature, every part is reduced in proportion to the rest, except the head and hands. For example. If there was a small child on a bed, it might be a caricature, but if there was a very large child and it was at the age of six or seven, it would be a caricature.

The personification of a character is the figure or the form of the character which can be represented by a face or a figure, without losing anything of its integrity, and without the necessary change of shape or the other defects, if any, which are necessary to the form of the face, as the presence of eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose and, in most cases, parts other than the eyes and the mouth.

[From The Greek Handbook by A. H. Haldane, p. 23, and p. 25. Trans. G. M. Haldane, p. 783.]


PRINCIPLES OF PHILOSOPHY. 1. By what is it that all the things that may be given in the world, or anything resembling it, which is either to be wished for or not, are represented?

I say every thing which may be said in its turn may be said in its turn:

If, as the philosopher says, the thing in question be not a thing, but what is itself or itself as a thing, there is no such thing as a thing. For the existence of a thing is nothing else but that it exists, otherwise there is nothing.

If a thing (i.e. an idea or image of a thing) be represented, or depicted as a figure, it has the following properties, viz.

a. The image is either of the thing represented, or of something else: if so, that thing is known to be called a representation.

b. The representation has, at bottom, in itself the properties of the thing which it represents,

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