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We are a team of professional sketch artists who work together to create stunning and original art. We create high-quality custom drawings for clients in the entertainment and fashion industry, with the most famous names we can find. Our main drawing style is called “Digital Illustration” which means that we use a type of electronic, computer-aided drawing to illustrate concepts in an artistic way. The most successful sketches we create are digital prints.

I need a character in my sketch.

What kind of characters do you sketch?

What’s awesome about Sketching with Us is that we get to use every aspect of the real-life character from the sketch to the body language, style and clothing. For instance, for our client and one of our own characters, we used an amazing portrait from a local photographer, which helped us create some new ideas in the character.

Where are you based?

Our studio is located in a beautiful location, located in the heart of Paris. We work as a team from 9am to 3pm.

My sketch has no character!

We are pretty sure that sketching without a character is stupid. All that we do is draw your character and give you the idea of where that character lives. We don’t want you to feel alone.

How long does it take?

Usually within a minute. That means nothing is left to chance. The sketching time isn’t very long and most of the time it takes 3 seconds of our time.

How much are you paid?

We are paid on a sliding scale. Asking us for $200 for an hour of work is very simple.

How does your rate compare to other companies?

In our experience working with the best artists in the US, our rate is quite similar to those working in other studios.

What is your most memorable sketch? And can you share it?
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Our clients always come up with some amazing work. This is our most memorable sketch ever. When we are sketching a character with our clients, we think of a picture in their head and draw it on paper. Our client will ask us to make a drawing of the character next to that image, and that’s how the sketch is made.

What do you think of Sketching with Us?

Sketching is an amazing form of communication. In many ways, it is a kind of art. We draw people to give them the best impression of

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