What are the drawing techniques? – Pencil Drawing Step By Step Video

To draw, I use the pencil as the tool of my trade: with it I have worked for many years. For my younger days, I used a regular pencil, which was more suited to more delicate lines. However, to achieve the same effects as the one I have now, I have to use my pencil. And this means that I draw in two planes. The first is very fast, like the movements of a child and the movements of an amateur. This is not the same as to describe the movements of my pencil. The second plane is as I have described earlier. I draw at the same speed as my pencil, but with a smoother texture. I do this with all of the muscles on my body. If I have just used a pencil, I would also do this in a circle with a point at a certain radius. When I have practiced drawing that way for a year, I am able to draw with these two planes. In this manner, all the features of the objects I am drawing are visible. In this way the result is a smooth surface, like a glass surface. It is important to draw this way, or else the surface will look rough on top. I have now perfected this technique and do it with my pencil and at very low speed.

Why is drawing important? And how do you use this technique?

From childhood my brother has shown me great wisdom. He has shown me a beautiful way of drawing objects. Although at the beginning he was very rough, he now draws very beautifully. I consider it as my duty to follow his way of drawing. In the past, my brother used to draw with his pencil so that I would see a fine surface. He did so for a while, but after getting his first permanent pencil it took a long time before I was able to become acquainted with him and with his method. By now I am able to make use of his drawings.

What do you do with your drawing?

I draw in two different planes. The first one, where I try to do something fast, is the very fastest, followed by the second, with a smooth texture. In doing that, I have always been influenced by my pencil. I have, however, now been able to draw with something more natural and smooth. This works well and I still think it is better than anything else I am able to do. Because after I have done the “second plane” and finished the surface of my object, in the middle of this plane, I

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