What are the drawing techniques?

First things first; it does not come about from drawing on the ground. In the beginning it will come about from a natural process of going along the lines on a blank sheet of paper. However, by drawing on the paper, one cannot ignore the natural drawing techniques of the landscape. Therefore, the drawing technique is a part of nature’s drawing techniques. Drawing on a blank paper is not a very advanced technique as one is not using precise lines in order to create a line. Rather, one is drawing upon lines in order to take the form of an image on a blank page. In fact, many natural subjects are more closely related to lines than any other kind of drawing technique.

The natural drawing techniques involve the following factors:

1) Natural shapes: the line in front and the line behind the eyes are the best way to draw a natural figure.

2) Natural colors: colors are the main component of the natural drawing, which are more easily distinguishable than other drawing techniques.

3) Natural contrast: the main idea of natural drawing is to draw lines in contrast. Therefore, one must draw lines in contrast in order to give the natural appearance of an object. Such lines are called, “lines of contrast” or “trees and grass”.

4) Natural contour: to draw contour lines, one is drawing the face; this means the line that curves from the top of an object to the face.

Drawing for the eyes

What do eyes look like?

Eyeless! Eyes are normally more delicate than most body parts and it is important to note that for natural drawing, the eyes are not necessarily the first thing that someone is thinking about.

How do the eyes look like?

Well, that’s another story. I am not saying eye color, shape and size are not important. Just that they are not always that important. The eyes are just one aspect of the mind with many more important points that are less easily identified. They are just like the rest of the body. One should not forget that the eyes are the eyes. They are made of light, air and water and therefore need to be treated in the same manner as all other parts of the body.

What are the best eye exercises?

In general, the best eye exercises are:

1) Eye exercises for one eye: This is a very basic exercise to practice focusing on the eyes when one is drawing an object. One should concentrate