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There are many different types of pencil as there are other shapes and functions that can be used for different purposes. In this post I will only show you 3 that can be used in different ways. Also note that there are many different combinations of these types so you should be very careful while deciding which shape is right for you. Let’s go with the first and smallest one:

The Basic One:

This is the basic shape as it consists of a straight line and a corner which is just a thin circle. What is the difference between this and the rectangle pencil?

For starters its hard to see the corner so lets make it look nicer, the small circles inside the corner are also called “blur lines” as they are made with a light source so they appear less round while the straight lines between them are made with a darker shade.

The best thing about this pencil is that the rounded corners will give you that extra something in the design, they will draw attention to the lines. These small circles or blurs look very clean and unique since they’re all very different in appearance. The downside is that the edges of the pencil, which create the sharp corners, are not visible. With the corner rounded this will help the edges of the design look more professional.

As for the lines between the circles or blurs these lines are not as rounded as the straight lines and can be a bit blurred. You will see them clearly as well as the sharp points that come out of them. This is one of the pencils which are a must in any design. If your design is not very subtle the corners will become a hassle making more work as the design won’t draw much attention from the design.

For our purposes we can use this pencil more than other small rectangles because it creates something like a double page. A double page is a design in which the page or page section is separated into two sections and the middle page is the one where a lot of the information is displayed. In this case the pencil helps you to create those double pages.

The Basic pencil also has 3 other uses:

1) To draw a border on a design for details
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2) For highlighting the edges on a design

3) To draw an overall shape of a shape

other 3 types of pencils have 4 uses which I’ve listed below:

1) As a sketch for the design

For our purposes the pencil is more useful since you’ll use

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