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When you consider the different types of art styles, you will also find there are some common characteristics that all these kinds have in common: 1. Artistic style. 2. Subject matter. 3. Character. 4. Structure. These three things form the basis of the entire body of work that is produced. 4a. Artistic style. A drawing style is defined by the type and the overall visual appearance of the work. A piece of art can be artistic or not, depending on that individual. All kinds of works, therefore, are art. All art is aesthetic. A drawing style is a style that is produced during the life of this artist. 4b. Subject matter. A kind of subject matter, or composition, is made up of certain elements which are considered to the point of being part of his/her personal and distinctive style. Most of us do not consciously perceive the elements of a composition before we look at them, but the more we look at them, the more we realize that there is something which gives the form to these elements. A particular type of drawing can be produced by this artist. The composition will express an individual’s idea, which is an essential part of the subject matter. The composition expresses a universal form, to be found throughout all the material in the work of the artist. These elements can be considered as part of the artistic style, thus, in the art world they are often called a style, and not a style as such. 4c. Character. A kind of character is what is considered to be inherent in the work of a painter. Some people have a kind of personality which is based on personal experiences, and in this particular work these are used to make the story, the character, and the image, as well as the subject of the painting. This type of painting expresses an individuality of personality that is present in this particular person. The idea of a character is a personal and characteristic kind of expression of the artist. A kind of character is the result of the creative thought of the artist. This idea and the individual personality of the individual are expressed in this specific work. If the character is not the result of an artistic work, it can be called a character of literature. 4d. Structure. In an artistic work, the main element is thought; there is also a general thought which is the basis. The main elements are, therefore, the fundamental aspect of the work, which will give expression to the work. 5

6. The subject of this work. The subject of

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