What are different types of drawing styles? – Pencil Drawings Easy Girl

If you are a professional artist, which type of drawing does your job best?

B: I know there is a difference of view about this so that depends. I always think of the style that I am drawn to; when I am first starting out I like to work in very light, medium or shadow drawing for the first few pages. The main image of any comic book is going to be that light. From there I will start to try to create a heavier, black or grey element to my works.

M: What does your job involve if you have several drawings with different styles?

B: I am pretty certain that I only get one drawing up or down during the day. All of my work is done on a computer. If we do a drawing that requires an element or shading we will use the program we’re working with as a reference. Then we get a pencil and work on the drawing for as long as we like.

M: What other jobs have you done and what is your main focus now?

B: I really enjoy a life on the road working as a performer and in the circus. I love working with people every day.
Dragon Eye Drawing by Aaron Spong

M: What is your dream career in the circus?

B: In the circus I am looking to get into traveling, performing and then eventually become a traveling circus entertainer.

M: What kind of people make you happy?

B: Those people are those people that show me that they truly appreciate what I do. I think it’s important to work in a business that really appreciates what I do. I think there is a very important line between the entertainment industry and the circus industry. In reality the circus is much closer to that line. It depends on the show, in many countries it is legal to be in the circus.

M: Are you able to make friends in the circus?

B: It comes down to personality. It depends on what kind of performer you are and what you bring to the place. I find that if you come up with new ideas and you are good at your job then you can make great friends.

M: What is the most difficult thing about working as a circus showman?

B: I love working on the show, but I hate being away from the showroom or work. There are always going to be things that bother me that I feel I have to handle to be happy.

M: If you could be any

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