Is pencil a medium?

You are allowed to have a full-length pencil in your pack. If you decide to bring in a medium-sized pencil, you can make it even longer by cutting one end of the pencil that you are going to use into the end of the pencil lengthwise. Or if you are lucky you can use double sided tape.

You are allowed to use a pencil without a ruler—it should be at least three inches long. I like to keep all my pencils this way. This is the reason that you need the ruler.

You are allowed to use a pencil with sharp edges like a ballpoint pen or a Dremel, but not a very sharp pencil. If you are bringing a pen, I’m very cautious that a sharpened object is not going to ruin the pencil that’s coming in.

You are NOT allowed to take pencils and tape them together or attach them to a surface. They should be separated with tape in between.

You are NOT allowed to take pencils out of the container that you are bringing them in. If you take out a pencil, you take it out of a package.

You are NOT allowed to take a pencil and tape it together to the lid of your pack. You will have to cut yourself a piece of cardboard and tape the edges down.

You do not get to remove individual pencils for personal or office use

When you are bringing in a notebook, it will be fine if you have 1 notebook and 1 pen for it—you will have plenty of room to pack in other things as well.

It’s VERY likely that you will be able to keep it longer than 2 months, depending on how many pens, pencils, or paper you buy on this trip. You can always bring in longer items when you get back home.

I bring more items than you do

I always carry:

One notebook (for myself)

One notebook (with eraser)

I use my own pencils to write my notes in and I have a couple of different pens. Usually a pencil and a little nib.

In the past I used to carry one or two pens with me, but I don’t anymore. I don’t want to compromise my pen safety.

I don’t need to keep track of pen count on my pack—I’m not the expert and I may miss something.

It’s ok to bring more than 1 notebook, but not more