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How can I make it work as a medium? It’s just a pencil, why should you worry about thickness? Why should there be thickness? If you use a pencil, what does it really mean? Is it as good as a pen? Is it good enough, or is it good, but not best? Is it okay to use if you have a big nose, or a bad cold? What is the best pen? What do you mean, you should be using a high-end pencil?

The pencil is my life. I have so many pencils; they are in my bags, they are in my bathroom cupboards, they are on my desk, they are on my nightstand – anything, really.

This post was originally published on April 25th 2012.

What is a “Catch”?

The main reason for doing the post is to bring up a debate on the semantics of the catch in the following posts. That is, if you catch the ball in the air, can you call a play for it? Should the catcher throw the ball away, or should you just pick it up?

For one of the “two” catch positions to be valid, the catcher must have possession of the ball for at least 20 seconds and must catch the ball during that 20 seconds.

You can actually see it happen here:

Notice how much time passes between the ball being caught and the batter getting the bases loaded. The ball stays on the ground for 15 seconds.

Now let’s look at what happens, if the catcher has no possession of the ball before touching the ground.

Notice, if the catcher doesn’t see the ball first, he cannot touch it. And, at least according to the official rule book, the catcher may not use any part of the catcher’s body to catch the ball, unless there is contact or if the catcher is running, or he is attempting to catch the ball after having missed it in the air.

That means, that the “catch” of the ball is impossible, unless in some other circumstances.

Here are ways it can work:

Catcher touches the ball first, or the batter catches the ball first.

Catcher touches the ball while the ball is still on the surface (and has time left to swing), but the ball is out of his glove or hand.

Catcher touches the ball while the ball is outside the catcher’s glove or hand

Any other situation:

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