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It’s a little bit of a different pencil, right? It’s an extra-fine point, but also it’s just a little bit of a medium, so it’s a little bit softer.” — Chris Parnell

LAS VEGAS — Former NBA star Kobe Bryant was arrested Tuesday for allegedly assaulting a female security guard with a golf club in a Las Vegas strip mall, according to court documents.

Bryant, 43, was arrested in an elevator at Saks Fifth Avenue in Las Vegas with two female security guards, a police detective and a store clerk, according to a police affidavit.

The guard found Bryant with “two golf clubs in his hands” as she was walking to her car after work. Bryant allegedly began banging on the guard’s head as she tried to open the elevator door. During the fight, authorities say Bryant picked up another driver’s license plate and threw it at the guard.

Bryant was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He was released the day after the incident.

CBS Sports first reported the arrests.

According to the documents, Bryant allegedly threatened the guard with a golf club, “grabbed a small table with a white picket fence top and threw it towards the side of the elevator.

“Kobe and the female (security) security guard (who) then attempted to get into the elevator. At one point, Bryant picked a small table with a white picket fence top with one shoe in his hand that was not in his left hand and threw it towards the back of the elevator,” the documents read.

“At the final point, he picked up a golf club, put it back into his right hand and used it to strike the female guard. They were outside the elevator at the time.

“The female security guard, after the fight broke out, stated that she was scared for her life and that she needed to have security,” the documents read.

The documents alleged Bryant tried again to break open the elevator.

“The female employee stated that while going up to the elevator that she felt a thump sound that sounded like a hammer to her side,” the documents read. “After opening the elevator door, the female employee stated that Kobe struck her forehead.”

Bryant is expected to court in August, according to TMZ Sports.

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