Is a mechanical pencil a #2 pencil? – Pencil Drawings Of Tigers

Is it a #3 pencil? Can it be used to write #3 pages?

Well, that’s where they went wrong…

“Well, I guess the #2 pencil was just a tool,” says Mike to us.

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We’re all shocked and confused by this, but Mike doesn’t have any problems in writing a simple description:

“It’s a pencil and eraser, so I can still come back to a page later.”

He also has problems with how most pencils work, including their eraser. Since he’s been using them almost exclusively for writing, his question naturally is this: why erasers? Here’s the story he shares with us:

“Since I started using these pencils I have never had a problem. You can write down the top right corner and you need to write the middle right corner, and from that the bottom-left corner. Then if I want to write the top left corner on a page, I need to write the bottom right corner on the page, and then the top right corner and the bottom left corner.”

That’s not all… Mike notes that the top-right corner is slightly longer than the middle right corner – a little bit better, we’d imagine.

He has the ability to write on an eraser, but the erasers of today are just not the same as those of yesteryear.

You see, Mike has the distinction of being a penman (a pen enthusiast). He’s the best pen guy, hands-down, on a typewriter.

A pen can write at any writing speed up to 220 miles per hour – and a standard fountain pen with lead and eraser, and a nib will do that, too. Mike draws lines in pencil to write “up and down,” and he also fills his notebooks with notes, so his notes aren’t as precise as an inkjet line drawing would be, even with that eraser.

(Mike admits that he can’t really draw in pencil, since he uses this pen exclusively for writing, though. He explains that the pen he’s using is a mechanical pencil that allows him to write as fast as he can. This isn’t unique to Mike, but we thought this would be useful for others who share his frustration with erasers – so let us know how it goes if you’ve been using a mechanical pencil on your pen and need to write quickly.)

There you have it – our discussion about the two

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