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Is a mechanical pencil a #2 pencil? The #2 pencil is still more expensive than most other pencils

The #2 pencil is still more expensive than most other pencils The #2 pencil can do more ink or watermarks on a page.

The #2 pencil can do more ink or watermarks on a page. It’s still a lot better at holding a watermark than a standard #6 pencil with permanent ink

What if I’m not good with pen?

Just because you don’t do pen well doesn’t mean you’re not worth the cost! Many pens can do more than just marking paper! For more detailed thoughts on penmanship, look at these two articles:

Where do I start?
Amazing pencil art photos-Pencil art pictures | Xemanhdep ...

My goal is to take a step-by-step guide on getting a decent writing instrument. If I’m not feeling good enough to go all the way, that’s fine – I don’t want anyone else to feel uncomfortable using a pencil they may not be comfortable with.

A first-time pencil buyer can make mistakes with a new pencil; there are a few things you can do to help prevent mistakes:

Avoid putting nibs in your pencil. Pens can be tricky to get your nibs in! Just the thought of putting a nib in a mechanical pencil makes me sick! I recommend buying a set of mechanical pencils with a pen holder on the opposite side. This avoids any risk of your nib coming out on the side of the pencil that’s not holding the pen. If you’re doing that, it may still be a good idea to buy a set of plastic pens for your pen holder (as discussed in another post!). Make sure your ink cartridge is a good size. If you have two different sets of ink for the two fountain pen types, you might need to adjust the setting of the cartridge depending on your pen type, or you may want to have one set of cartridges for the two different sizes and use the other one for everything (though there’s very little difference in length and you’ll still need to adjust ink quality). Don’t make mistakes in your first few months. If you can’t go without the mechanical pencil for a while, you’ll start getting used to it, and it won’t be as bad as the initial period of adjustment. I started using my Pilot Metropolitan for around two months and it’s been fine ever since. The reason I recommend the Metropolitan, however, is that I find that the nibs can’t be adjusted

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