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There are a number of different types of mechanical pencils. From the earliest to the latest, they all rely on a series of sliding contacts between two sheets of metal, called dies, on which the strokes are made. The difference is in the contact between the pieces — the shape of the contact, size of the contacts, type of material, the position of both dies, and so on. As each die is replaced with two new dies over time, this can lead to a wide variety of different designs. The different types of mechanical pencils can be divided into three basic types:

A. The pencil design is based on the most common type of contact and dies between sheets of metal is used.

This type of pencil can be compared to the most common mechanical pencil in use — the #2 pencil. The #2 pencil is designed to function as a #2 pencil, but with an increased flexibility to accommodate a wider range of shapes.

Many manufacturers will go beyond their range of options for the #2 pencil; it is rare that they produce a design with two separate dies, one for each type of shape.

B. The pencil is based on the mechanical contacts between sheets of metal are not interchangeable.

In the same way as for the #2 pencil, the #2 mechanical pencil will operate as a pencil with a maximum range of size — the basic pencil is designed with a maximum range of size from 5⁄16 inch to 3⁄8 inch. The maximum amount of flexibility allowed by this design means that a manufacturer can not allow the pencil to be used on a wider range of shapes.
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C. These pencils are not designed for the maximum number of shapes a user can use.

Many of these types of pencil have the flexibility to allow a smaller range of sizes or styles than those offered in a more typical mechanical pencil. These types may be used only occasionally, though, because they have fewer options.

How to choose a pencil on the market

When using a pen or pencil, the design may take the form of a stylus, stylus tip, or stylus nib. If you choose to use a mechanical pencil, you choose the kind of size of the pencil that will allow the stylus to be used with the pencil in use. In other words, choosing a mechanical pencil is choosing which style to use with the pencil.

If you do not have a stylus or nib you can try to find one at a local art

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