How do you sketch an eye? – Pencil Drawing Of A Wolf Head

I’m not sure I want to use that term, as I think it could just as easily applied to a face: the lines, shapes, and contours are all much more interesting as a series of discrete pixels, but the color is a little more defined. That’s not to say I want an eye, as I’ve done a similar kind of thing for years, but I did want to draw an eye in my head—to figure out what this thing might be.

You can see the eye sketched out here:

You can also see a close-up of the eye itself from the left:

But I didn’t put any color in. You can see it in these steps:

The image was drawn without coloring (there’s no shading), it was painted to a color I had already chosen, and it was traced to a flat surface, which I then used for light reflection and shading.

You can see what happened from the photo below:

I think they’re pretty simple. I think it’s a good idea to see how colors and other elements contribute to what the eye’s going to look like, rather than painting with any fixed parameters (like “this isn’t a white head”).

The only thing I did wrong in the photo was how I painted the eye. If you want a tutorial in that regard, you’ll find it on The Drawing on the Plane.


In an effort to reduce some of the “rules” I picked for my sketching, I tried something completely different. I did something I’ve done before, but I took a page out of the books of other artists, by combining a lot more colors and elements to have a much more complex composition.

How to Draw a Cute Kawaii / Chibi Pocahontas and Meeko ...
You can see my finished sketches here:

I don’t necessarily believe that each photo could be described as a unique look, or that there’s “only one way to draw an eye”, but I try to approach these designs as a group, and I think it’s important to have fun and not be a strict rule-stopper.

Of course, there’s a certain amount of “tutoring” here—I was still learning at a very young age (like so many things), but I think I learned a lot about the art of sketching, particularly with the palette and “how to draw a white head” aspects.

I’m glad I did this exercise, it helped me find where I’m at now. But I

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