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When the light’s hitting it’s pupil, your eye just knows ‘You are looking to the left’. But it doesn’t know exactly where it’s looking, and what it’s thinking.

For example, if you tilt your head to one side and close your eyes, you’re ‘thinking of the left’. But if it moves its head, you’re not able to tell because you don’t see it.

This is known as “visual mismatch”, and this effect can be observed by looking through a person’s eye tracker in a busy office.

We can fix the problem using a small camera, rather than a robot.

Using a robotic eye

It’s already been demonstrated in the science community that humans can see the human brain through the eyes of a robot.

In one experiment a brain scanner was placed in a plastic box – a similar version had been used to help with a blindfolded patient’s vision.

The robot, nicknamed Eyes of Reason by the team, was placed a couple inches away from the eyes of the human subject, wearing the “blindfold”

The experimenters were able to measure the speed of brain activity using magnetometers, and determine that the brain was responding to objects as they were presented.

While the blindfolded patient still couldn’t see clearly, they could correctly determine if an object had been presented by the robot at either an acute or chronic angle.

At acute angles, the robot was able to distinguish which angle, the human doctor was looking at, and if they had chosen differently.

At chronic angles, not only did the robot do a much better job of distinguishing between acute and chronic angles, it was less able to distinguish between acute and chronic angles on the subject’s right side.

This means the robot can now effectively treat the condition.

A new team, led by Prof Dr Zhi-Feng Li from the Nanjing Institute of Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (CaiAI), have developed a robot which, when placed in front of human subjects and turned on, can distinguish between acute and chronic angle of vision when a human eye is closed and is looking towards a bright light.

Their vision robot has a head, a body, a head and body, and eyes which have been fitted with cameras which can allow the robot to observe a person’s vision.

And it’s not too difficult to think of many applications beyond vision diagnosis – for instance, a robot could provide support for patients

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