How do you protect a pencil drawing? – Simple Colored Pencil Drawings Blending Essential Oils

It depends. If the pencil was never exposed to ink, then it will survive the entire time without loss of color or quality. If the pencil is still used daily, it would be wise to have a sharpie marker on hand as well as a soft eraser for clean up. If you need to create a sketch using an eraser, make sure any erasers are free of dirt or paint residue.

I would like to emphasize the importance of eraser cleaning. It is not too much to say the cleaner the eraser is, the better the results will be.

Sketching Tips and Tricks

When you are going through the process of sketching with your pencil, the simplest and most effective ways to sketch will come to you. But just when you are ready to get into the details about making a simple sketch, the process of making a well-made sketch could have you laughing.

You will need to create a sketch using two pieces of paper and at least two pens. You can use the black drawing medium, however I prefer the white medium as it makes it easier to draw out lines and details.

To hold the drawing in your hand, you might need to use a pencil with an eraser attached to the pencil so that it doesn’t slide off the paper.

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You should keep the ink or water-based ink on a clean cloth (no other substances will get behind the pencil). So, when erasing, do not put any liquid on the paper or you will risk the ink spilling out in your sketch. Also, put the paper under your hand to prevent any drops of ink from falling on your hands. Lastly, after you finish drawing, draw out a sketch using colored pencil.

Sketching with Your Pencil

You can draw a simple sketch or you can go for a more intricate sketch. To achieve a more intricate sketch, you need some very sharp pencils.

The best pencils for this process are the pointed and pointed-edge pens. Because we are using pointed pens, we only have to mark the outline and no details need to be traced. But because they are sharp, I advise you to only have one pencil for all sketches. Also, to get better results, I suggest you to keep your drawing surface clean with a very soft eraser instead of writing with your eraser.

In addition to making use of pointed and pointed-edge pens, to make a sketch, you need to use sharp lines and lines

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