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The very first thing I did was find a pencil sharpener. I used the sharpener as close to the center as possible in a 3:50 size.

The sharpener had a very small sharp tip that would just leave a sharp hole in the paper, but when I started rubbing the paper with the sharpener the hole would begin to slowly disappear until it was fully gone.

I started out by rubbing the pencil with the sharpener at 0.4mm width. At 0.7mm this is the width I use when drawing.

This causes the edges to develop sharp edges, which gives a very distinct line on the pencil, and also provides me with a guide to keep the lines straight.

At 1mm that’s the width I use in my pencil drawing software.

I then added a little extra friction so the pencil gets wet and doesn’t lose that edge sharpness.

This works even less well for the middle of the pencil and the corners. I do this with a little water.

I started off by rubbing my pencil so much in the water that the paper took a little time to dry between every stroke. I added more water and this was a complete nightmare to clean up.

I then made a small mark on the back of my paper with a sharp object and made that the top center line of my pencil drawing.

That marked my edge as a single sharp corner and made it very hard for anyone to draw me incorrectly!

Finally, when I got the pencil I added the friction to both ends of my pencil.

I also used some hot glue to attach the back of my paper to the bottom of my pencil.

If you do the same you add a little extra friction and you can ensure the last few lines are sharp and clean from all sides.

I use a different rubber backing on my pen. I’ll post photos of that one when I build the next one!
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The picture that follows shows the sharpener.

Here’s my pencil sharpener, the black rubber backing and hot glue and pencil backing on.

The pencil sharpener I bought is one of those old type designed for fountain pens with a sharpened tip. The tip of the sharpener gets a little bit dirty so I made a new one, a sharpened version of the original.

My new pencil sharpener has a much better sharpening angle from 1mm to the point you see in the picture.

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