How do you draw pencil art?

I draw a lot, but it’s hard to explain. It’s like drawing a picture on paper, but it’s more of a hand-drawn thing in my opinion. For a book about pencil art that I wrote with Peter, it was a big hand-drawn picture of a pencil, but the pencil itself was painted on the drawing board. When you work it out, it’s very intricate. It’s more like painting a picture and putting a pen in it. You have to get a feel for each color and how it’s going to bleed together like a fingerprint on the paper. It’s like a painting. As well, it’s not as simple as drawing a pencil line and adding a dot of paint. It’s not that easy. It’s more like sketching and the color is just the way it’s supposed to look on the page. I’m really into the process of being able to have a feel for the colors and how they’re going to bleed together.

There is a line of people on the book that I really love and I’m thinking, I’m definitely going to draw them.

We’re on to that!

If you ever get the chance, look out for our next interview where we talk about an interview that Peter did with a group of artists.

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