How do you draw pencil art? – Black And White Pencil Drawings Nature Scenery Fields

Draw with an eraser or with a water color marker. If you don’t have a watercolor marker, get one. I draw on a little piece of wood to save time.

Why do you call it “Tetris”?

In Japanese it’s called tteishou. You’ll see me say it often, but it came about after the first time I played the demo version. I had to get it working the first time, so I got a pencil and wrote this word on it. I remember thinking it was pretty cool, but I didn’t have an official name for that game I just played. When it became a title, I knew just how to call it.

How do you see your future?

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Sydney. It has not been very long since we heard the news of the closure of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not so much to remember the experience, but to forget the news at all. But now, a bridge that will be closed to vehicular traffic in the next few years has been officially named by its residents as the “Crazy Folly Bridge”. A sign marking the bridge’s closing was erected yesterday.

The bridge, named the Crazy Folly Bridge for its high-rise design and the location of the bridge itself, had been closed since 2010 to construction work. The bridge is not expected to reopen until 2018, but as per the contract between NSW and Port Botany, it may be demolished entirely, a project that would cost around $100 million.

The crazy bridge will also be an eyesore and was slated for redevelopment, though this has not yet happened.

It has never, however, seen the light of day. And it is this tragedy which sparked the original call to name the bridge, which was made in the early 1960s. The bridge, built in 1930 to replace a bridge on the eastern side of the harbour, was named after Sir Charles Bridge.

Construction of the bridge began in 1924, but as the project was ongoing the bridge was never put to use as construction continued elsewhere with another bridge, The Harbour Bridge. The second bridge was completed in 1927 but, after this was completed, construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was postponed indefinitely.

As this closure continues, the bridge has become a tourist attraction, but at a cost of over a billion dollars. We won’t know for sure how much the bridge will cost until after it has officially closed for redevelopment.

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