How do I create my own drawing style? – Pencil Sketch Ideas For Beginners

1. Use Illustrator and Sketch as well as Photoshop to create your own new style in the style that your heart desires.

2. Set your colors to the ones that you like as described in the tutorial “I Want a Custom Drawing Tool!” for reference.

3. Add your drawing style to the bottom of your canvas by dragging the shape.

4. Adjust your background by dragging circles on the right side.

5. Try to use as much variation as possible. The more the merrier!

Can’t find your tool to draw lines? Try the line tool instead.

Can’t draw smooth curves? Use the curve tool instead.

I am having difficulty drawing the outline of a figure? Try the outline tool instead.

Can’t place any shapes correctly? Try the “Bubble” (shorten) tool instead.

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The following is based on the observations of the most active observers. The most active observers have been selected on the basis of both an ongoing and a random survey of the number of events recorded. It is possible that some of the observations are incorrect due to reporting inconsistencies, and thus it is still possible to miss an event or group of events.

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