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Do you still find it challenging to start drawing?

How are you keeping this skill from giving away your secrets?

What tools will you use to get past all of this stress, and what are some of your most frustrating brushes?

A group of women who work at the Toronto Islands mall where a series of sex attacks and robberies took place in 2006 will not be charged. In a statement released Thursday by the Toronto Police Service, the women say they understand why the charges were dropped and ask for their privacy to be respected.

The women who worked at the Toronto Islands mall said they believe the charges will send a strong message against sexual violence and that there were strong circumstances for the charges. ( Rick Madonik / Toronto Star file photo )

They call the investigation “one of the most traumatizing experiences they have ever had.” “While there are some who will question the motives of this investigation, the investigation has been conducted with integrity and professionalism, and, in the end, the decision to bring charges against these women was in the best interests of any victims of the crimes,” said police spokesperson Dave Hopkinson. “They were able to show that their allegations were not unfounded. In the end, it did not make sense for them to proceed with charges or to be labeled as suspect.”

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According to police, the women working at the mall were approached by two men in the early hours of Aug. 20, 2006, who told them to come to an unmarked SUV behind a clothing store. The men then took turns raping at least one woman inside the SUV before fleeing the scene in a getaway car. The women told police that one of the men pulled a knife on them when they tried to intervene after the assaults. The men then fled the scene in a getaway car. No arrests were made and no charges were laid.

The Obama administration has been slow to announce the details of its decision to allow thousands of Syrian refugees into the country this year. In response, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is asking that the Trump administration extend the deadline for a refugee admissions program so that any Syrian refugees can begin the process by September.

On Monday, The Washington Post reported that President Obama has granted the Syrian refugees to come into the United States immediately. The UN’s High Commissioner for Refugee Affairs appealed to the Trump administration to hold off for as long as possible on accepting Syrian refugees into the United States. “This is not just about our own security,”

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