Can you teach yourself to draw?

I think so. Drawing is a good way to learn the art of hand drawing. You need to draw lots of things that can be easily seen or measured–even things that can’t easily be seen or measured. There’s a lot of possibilities to learn from drawing a small child and a toy like a doll.

Can you illustrate a cartoon with your hands?

With little hands, I draw by just touching the pen with my thumb and index finger. I usually draw three inches.

Can you make sketches of objects on the floor?

Absolutely. I can make sketches of anything I can see with my hands, including cars and dolls and toy soldiers. I can even make sketches of buildings and landscapes.

Can you identify what you are looking at?

I can look at a picture of a street, at a building, or at a piece of paper, and see that there is a small girl leaning against a post somewhere (often one of the children or the grandparents or the children’s teachers). I can also know what I am looking at when I look at it out of curiosity or for amusement. I can tell what I am looking at based on the shape of a picture of a road in another picture.

Can you see what you are drawing with your eyes?

I can. I can see the details of the little girl’s face better than I can see a picture. I also can see if there is a street or building or an object in my picture that I have never seen before. I can make sketches with my eyes with my hands.

Can you see or feel objects with your hands?

A lot of people can see or feel an object with their hands. (I like to point this out, because some people think I’m bragging about how bad I can see things!) My hands can feel a lot of things, but they can’t see very much.

How did you learn to draw?

At one point, my grandfather let me borrow a drawing book from him. The drawing was just a little girl with hands drawn on the paper, and all sorts of little objects were drawn around her, such as birds. When I got older, however, I realized that drawing a picture with my hand, or drawing a drawing, simply isn’t very practical for anyone who isn’t a master artist. So I ended up getting my first pencils and paper.

Where should I begin?

Learn to draw something. I