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I can use my imagination a lot more to see the beauty in those animals.”

The National Basketball Association’s best team isn’t a team at all — it’s a team called the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics have their own identity. There’s no more Boston-centric or Boston accent. They are the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics — like any team — have their own identity. That identity isn’t about who happens to be in the league. It’s about who belongs in the league. We use the buzz-word team. We use it to make team decisions.

The Boston Celtics are a team that’s on the outside looking in. It’s their identity.

If you ask the Boston Celtics to identify themselves, I’m pretty sure you’ll get a blank look.

But, that’s precisely the reason I wrote this series. This identity: It’s about who the Boston Celtics, as an organization, cares about.

The Boston Celtics aren’t a team with an identity. They’re a team that cares about who the Philadelphia 76ers will be in the offseason. They’re a team that cares about who the Phoenix Suns will be in the offseason. It’s an identity to them: They’ll get their way.

The Boston Celtics are not a team in the NBA.

That’s what the players say. But, this identity says a lot more than what the players say. The Boston Celtics care not just about who they lose each year, or who they win each year, but who they are.

It’s about who they are.

The Boston Celtics’ most common response: Their identity is the championship.

They’re not sure of their identity.

It isn’t even a identity. It’s a name that they’ve worn for a very long time. But, it’s very rarely taken seriously in the offseason.

The only thing most people seem to know is this: The Boston Celtics want to be the best team in the East this season. It’s hard to imagine another NBA organization doing an interview like this after this offseason.

“Why have the Boston Celtics traded an asset to get Isaiah Thomas? Is that his future? Is Paul Pierce dead? Are the new teammates going to take a step backward?” a media man once asked.

The only thing the Boston Celtics are saying about themselves is that they will try to be the best.

I don’t know. Who cares?

The Boston Celtics

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