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It melts when you start drawing…

…It also takes years for graphite to turn into rock.

How old am I?

Are you sure?

You are probably not going to use it when you’re going off on your adventure with the rock and all your friends.

But for a while, you might have fun with writing off the age based on your memory of a date.

A friend of mine, a mathematician, gave an example. You could write off 20.3 years as the age.

I remember my very first date.

My dad invited me to hang out in my dad’s house. We went to a movie, went to the ice rink and then went to a dance club, and then we went and picked up my mom.

My first date with my mom was about four years ago

I remember that first date so well.

It was awesome.

What I like best about the age-based tool is that it allows people of nearly any age to use it (just remember, to use the age-based tool, you need to be over age 30).

If you are over 60, you should be using the age-based tool. If you are younger than 30, just stick a dot on it!

Why should you use a graphite pencil?

I like the age-based tool because I’ve found that many students have a hard time recalling the exact date on a date when they meet someone new – so the graphite pencil can help them, and also act as a nice reminder of dates.

Because a graphite pencil isn’t really hard to sharpen, but can take a long time to turn to stone – and because a graphite pencil can’t hurt your neck or fingers – it should be used with caution!

In addition to these great uses, graphite pencils can be used for art making, as well as for drawing abstract and geometric objects.

I know it’s not much fun writing down the age, but at least I know that I am in good company!

The only thing that I would change with either (both these tools) is that the graphite pencil needs to be able to be sharpened.

If you want to learn how to sharpen a graphite pencil – check out our detailed video tutorial.

The graphite pencil also does a great job of getting rid of dust and chalk that makes this tool perfect

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