Why violin is so expensive? – Learn Violin Online Free Lessons

You think that, but it costs an arm and a leg. A bow or three. Even then it doesn’t do anything for you unless you can use the strings for something. The string can’t do it for you. How is someone to go “I want something for my guitar or I really want some violin strings?” How? Just go and buy it from the nearest big store. The violin is an expensive instrument and nobody can compete with that. It’s just as cheap for someone to go “Well I want another violin string I should just buy the first one, a little less expensive”, because they don’t have everything to buy.

The fact is that all things are expensive.

The whole reason we buy them is that we want to have them. We’ll spend as much money on a computer now, or as much as one can spend on a small business. The difference seems trivial but it means that we think we are doing something more or less worthwhile, because there is money for it in that other system. That’s different to thinking that we are doing something worthwhile when we’re not, but that’s the way, or at least the feeling that we have.

I’m not even sure that any real musician is really thinking about the cost of their instrument all the time. I have always felt that when I was playing, that there was something special about playing a violin, and that was very easy to do, or very simple, or that was a way of expressing something that I felt as a human being through music.

At this point I should add that I think that I myself am also making it too obvious that there is nothing to be done about it. I think if you were actually just an ordinary person with a bad ear, you wouldn’t think differently about something so simple, and that’s probably not the way to live.

But let’s think about it from another point of view for a minute. If you are thinking of it from another point of view, you can understand why people like to go and buy things. If you are a child who plays the violin or the piano, you need something to play on, a good teacher to teach you, a good teacher to look after you, a good friend, if you are going to live out the rest of your life.

And if you can’t find a guitar teacher in your town, then you’re going to continue using the pencils that you’re using.

So people’s desires may depend on this

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