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My violin’s neck and bridge will usually require a lot of care to keep them looking new. You don’t need to buy a new violin every time, but it is best to be aware of the issues when buying your next instrument.

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The latest episode of the podcast to arrive on T.V. this week is a new one, featuring a conversation about the latest in the battle between Republicans and the Obama White House. The issue: Obama’s use of executive actions to raise the legal limit of legal immigration, which his fellow Republicans are now fighting to block.

For example, “How much is the president trying to do from his desk in the Oval Office to force Congress or himself into doing something that Congress wouldn’t do?” asks David Brooks, a columnist for The New York Times, who is a frequent guest on Morning Joe. “I do think that he’s a pretty effective negotiator.”

But it’s also true that the president is being very aggressive politically, by going on the offensive.

What do we know about the president’s use of executive actions? Here’s what we know on background and what we know on background, what we know on background, what we know on background:

1) His actions are largely illegal.

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According to the Constitution, the president has the authority to decide which laws he wants to enforce. Congress, therefore, gets to decide how much and what to do about them. The Constitution gives the president the power to appoint as many as five judges to the Supreme Court. He’s also given the attorney general authority to decide who gets a visa with a specific religion or culture under certain circumstances. The president also has the power to give a visa to a family member of a U.S. citizen killed abroad without due process, and he can waive those waivers of due process — including due scrutiny — when he wants.

His use of executive actions on immigration and immigration enforcement were recently criticized by the Supreme Court. In their 2011 decision in McDonald v. City of Chicago, the justices struck down a central part of the Obama administration’s immigration policy. The government argued the president had the power to limit the number of asylum-seekers (i.e., those who are fleeing persecution in their home country) being granted entry. But the justices said a different issue, including the nature of the threat, should be the factor the president weighed when deciding which asylum-seekers will receive visas

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