Why are violins more expensive than pianos? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson Two Social Detective Read

In part, because violin makers use fewer workers to make the same number of instruments. It’s cheaper to make fewer violins than more highly specialized instruments. And it is cheaper to produce small quantities of violins than large quantities of pianos.

More production, more parts, but less time spent on perfecting new instruments, more time spend on refining, building, and maintaining the last part—newly-created strings—than there is with a piano.

So in the end, no one really wins in this deal. The violin maker gets paid more in part by the violins that he makes, but the violins still cost more to make. The piano maker gets paid more in part by the pianos he sells, and the pianos cost the piano maker more time to make, refine, build, test, and maintain.

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The lesson: Make sure that the piano maker who is selling you a piano makes one you will enjoy. That can be the reason why pianos are so expensive, not the fact that violin makers make more violins per month than piano makers do.

If pianos are not making you a lot of money, why do you want them?

The short answer is: Because they are good sounding.

The longer answer is: I think pianos are just fine. I have been lucky enough to have had both an expensive but comfortable vintage piano, and a really nice new one. I feel the new one has some good qualities and some bad ones as well, just like the one I am writing this in, and like any piano, the two differ from each other.

To be fair, if you are going to buy a used piano, that is better to know about it before you get into a contract and when your next piano. But for the average piano user, the best explanation I can give is that a new piano with better features is better than a good old one with good features. And if you can’t afford a new piano, perhaps a nice used one is perfect. So it seems fair to say that buying used used pianos makes sense, at least at some places, to save some money in the short term but still enjoy fine quality new pianos at a high price.

You can read more about piano prices and quality in my earlier post.

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